District 6420 Membership

Strategies and Tactics to grow your Club.


Promote your Club.

  • Market your club while doing Good for your community and hosting events.
    • Hand out Be Our Guest cards.
  • Publicize your Good Works on Facebook, local papers, Club websites and community texting systems.
  • Your Club must Be Visible—Never miss an opportunity to Showcase your Club!
  • Celebrate your WINS!

Recruit potential members.

  • Hold a social or mixer.
  • Every member successfully invites one guest.
  • Feed them!
  • Tell them your Club’s story (Show and Tell.) - 10 minutes tops and invite the Governor.
  • Give them a handout as a take-away.
  • Capture all guest phone numbers and e-mail for follow-up and a Thank You. 
  • Be Persistent!


  • Approach local businesses and organizations about shared memberships
  • Be aware of on-line Membership Leads from District Leadership.
  • Rotarians love a good program, as well as talented speakers. Capitalize on these events    and invite guests. Follow the other steps above for maximum recruiting benefits.
  • Don’t overlook stay-at-home parents who are involved with kids’ school activities.


Engage new members.

Once they’ve joined:

  • Welcome kit
  • EVERY new member needs a MENTOR.
  • Get them involved—hands on—in first few months.
  • Align interests and skills with available projects/events.
  • Designate $$’s to the new members and let them coordinate a project for the community…..let them run the show, get to know one another and experience the fun of Doing Good.  

Retention/Lock the Back Door.

  • Existing Club members must be a priority.  Treat them with respect and encouragement.
  • Meetings can/should be fun, energetic, and upbeat, while still managing Club business.
  • Encourage members to participate in a minimum of two or three events per year using sign-ups.
  • Know who’s content. If not—communicate in person or by phone.   The time is now.
  • Take an annual temperature—utilize a “Stop/Start/Continue” feedback session for your Club and Listen/Understand/ACT on what members tell you.
  • Publicly acknowledge members’ contributions.
  • Be flexible with meeting times and schedules. It’s your show—run it as your members wish. Be innovative!
  • Hold monthly after hours meetings and have a social amongst yourselves at the local watering hole – works well to recruit the younger generation…….after their work day.
  • Don’t lose members to Cost.  Examine your Club dues/structure and be    flexible on Payment plans.


For additional membership suggestions go to: My Rotary -> Sign in -> Member Center -> Membership Materials.