Good afternoon again, Rotary baseball fans.  We’ve completed one inning of play and several of our clubs have achieved some major successes so far.  The standings by division follow.
Northeast Division – The Pecatonica, Rockford Cherry-Valley East, and Sycamore clubs are on the board with each registering a multi-base hit through the end of September – a Triple for Pecatonica and a Double for each RCVE and Sycamore.  But wait, the Kishwaukee Sunrise club led off this first inning with a Home Run!  Will they score 2 or more through 9 innings, or will one of the other clubs get hot and overtake them?  Stay tuned; this division is on fire.
Mid-Central Division – The Twin Cities club has lead off the first inning with a Double; great job TC!  Rochelle, on the other hand, hasn’t wasted any time pulling out the big guns; they’re already on the board with a Home Run. The remaining clubs are getting revved up; look for some real excitement in the upcoming innings from all the M-C clubs.
South-Central Division – The Peru club led off the first inning with a Single.  Close behind are Ottawa Sunrise and Marseilles.  Right now, it looks like the S-C division race is going to be close, stay tuned.
West-Central Division – The River Cities club is starting off with a bang, scoring a Double in the first inning.  Henry is close behind with a Single, with the other clubs just getting started.  Like the South-Central, this division looks like it will be a nail-biter going forward.
Western Division – The Western division has the most scoring clubs at the end of one, with East Moline – a Single, Quad Cities and Rock Island – both with Doubles, and Savanna – knocking it out of the park with a Home Run.   All this after just one inning of play!  This division is already red hot; don’t miss a minute of the action.
That’s all for now; the Foundation teams are warming up for the second inning.  Don’t miss a minute of the action!