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What is Operation Pollination? Looking for an environmental project this year? 
Operation Pollination

In support of Rotary’s newest Area of Focus, Supporting the Environment, District 6420 is committed to supporting “Operation Pollination,” a comprehensive worldwide initiative driven by Rotary International (RI) and the Environmental Sustainability Rotary Action Group (ESRAG).
ESRAG is one of approximately 25 Rotary Action Groups recognized by RI that focus on a variety of special interests ranging from literacy, endangered species, mental health, and others.

ESRAG has six themes: biodiversity, sustainable living, food systems, climate, pollution, and the circular economy (maximizing the use of limited resources).

Operation Pollination is designed to “inspire and equip communities to create pollinator habitats to help and protect pollinators.” ESRAG held an event at the Evanston Ecological
Center on Wednesday, September 21. RI President Jennifer Jones was present to sign the Operation Pollination commitment on behalf of RI. Five districts (6420, 6440, 6450, 6270, and 6360) joined this founding endeavor. District Governor Nominee John Hurley and his wife, Marta, represented District 6420.

If you would like to learn more or if your club would like to get involved, please go to https://esrag.org/pollinators. The website includes a Pollinator Pledge form you can use to
describe your club’s project.