Have you heard about the District's contingency fund? Typically, they are used for natural disasters in our area.  This year, the District Leadership chose to use the funds differently...
Each year the district receives contingency funds attached to the district grants.  We use the contingency fund monies towards a specific need the district, subject to
approval by The Rotary Foundation.
At times those funds have been used for natural disasters in an area of the district.
However, if the funds are not used by the end of the Rotary year, they are returned to The Rotary Foundation for the World Fund.

This year is different - the district leadership decided to honor and support two organizations who's missions are to feed the hungry. 
District 6420 donated $4,000 (each) to both the River Bend Food Bank in the Quad Cities and Northern Illinois Food Bank in the Rockford/DeKalb area.
These two food banks represent most of district 6420. These continue to be trying times for those in need.
We are proud that we are able to help in this way.