Posted by Scott Shore on Oct 01, 2020
Members of the District Short Term Youth Exchange Committee met this week to determine the fate of our District's 2020-21 Program. Due to the increasing risks associated with the COVID-19 pandemic, and keeping in mind that our students' safety is paramount, the Committee has placed the Program on hold for the coming year. "We hope to be back in full swing by next year" said STEP Chair PDG Scott Shore. 
The Short Term Youth Exchange Program offers students 15-19 years old the opportunity to be paired with a student from overseas for approximately 8 weeks during the summer months, spending 4 weeks together here, and 4 weeks together in the paired student's home. Those exchanges are generally with Italy, Spain, France and Germany. Another part of the Short Term Program is called Sisterhood of Schools, pairing students from Sycamore with students from Argentina, who typically travel here in our winter months (their summer). 
Seven students who were deferred last year, will again be deferred but may participate next year if still qualified. 
A decision has not yet been made regarding our District's participation in Long Term Youth Exchange. 
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