Posted by Scott Shore on Sep 15, 2020
How does Rotary decide our qualifications for membership? Our RI dues? … Our meeting schedule? …Our membership and attendance requirements??  These bylaws which unite us as Rotarians  have evolved over time --- but did you know that we have a voice in whether to retain or change Rules, By-Laws and even the Constitution of Rotary International! 
Proposals are made through the RI Council on Resolutions and Legislation which meets annually to determine pending resolutions, and every three years to determine the fate of proposed legislation. Our District elects one of our Past District Governors to serve for a three-year term as our District Representative on the Council.  Proposals that are adopted then head to the RI Board of Directors for adoption. We see the results in the triennially published Manual of Procedure, Rules, Bylaws and RI Constitution.
I hold the Council Rep position currently, and PDG Steve Kuhn serves as Alternate Rep. Working together, we invite all District Rotarians to view and comment on pending resolutions and legislative proposals. Clubs can also propose resolutions and legislation “for the benefit of all concerned.”  
The two of us attended Rotary's Zoom Zone Institute session for COL Reps on Sept. 12, in prep for the work ahead. The best comment shared is that Rotarians should not be heard to say "they decided" this or that... really, WE together make those important policy decisions that will shape Rotary's present and future. .  
All Rotarians can see the resolutions, urgent enactments (emergency legislation), and results of Council action at Council voting site --and you can  “View Detailed PDF” for more information on each. You can then provide your comments, or your Club’s comments, to me at
The current year’s resolutions and emergency matters for consideration will be posted on or about September 28. After reviewing your comments, submitted, please, by October 31, I will vote on behalf of our District before the voting deadline of November 14th.
Are you wondering what such legislation has looked like in the past? A Sampling of legislation adopted in 2019 ….(click read more)
·       Changes RI’s tax exempt status from a traditional 501(c)(4) to charitable status as a 501(c)(3), allowing additional tax reductions and vendor discounts to help maintain lower member dues.
·       Updates and Simplifies our RI Bylaws and Standard Club Constitution, making them easier to read and understand!
·       Welcomes Rotaract Clubs as a fully engaged part of RI, rather than being a “project” or “program” – with greater RI support. RI Member Clubs now include Rotary Clubs (whose members are designated as Rotarians) and Rotaract Clubs (whose members are designated as Rotaractors).
·       Raises RI dues by $1 a year for three years beginning in 2020, to meet expenses. Dues remain amazingly low, at $34 per half-year in 2019-20.
·       Prevents automatic termination of small Clubs of less than six members unless RI is requested to do so by the Club’s District Governor.
·       Provides for redistricting of a Rotary District if District membership falls below 1,100 members.
·       Changes RI General Secretary John Hewko’s title to CEO, in line with other international organizations.
·       Streamlines the process for succession of an RI President in the event a nominee is unable to take office.
·       Maintains Club flexibility in determining the number of meetings they will host annually;
·       Limits a Club President’s obligation to remain Club President, if no one will accept the role, to two consecutive years.
·       Encourages diversity by adding to the Club Constitution that Clubs “endeavor to build a well-balanced membership that celebrates diversity” by aggressively seeking new members.
You can see a more complete list of resolutions that have passed or failed to pass, at .
Do you have an idea that would benefit Rotary, internationally? Review how to propose legislation for District consideration and inclusion, on, or email me for more information! Our next opportunity to propose resolutions will be June 30, 2021 but we need to work NOW to shape your ideas into the necessary format, publish to Clubs for consideration, obtain District approval by next April. 
Best wishes to all!
Scott Shore, Past District Governor, Dist. 6420
Council on  Resolutions and Legislation Representative 2020-2023
Steven Kuhn, Past District Governor, Dist. 6420
Council on Resolutions and Legislation Alt. Rep 2020-2023