Posted by Tom Brooks on Oct 04, 2020

Travels with your District Governor

Last Wednesday, I was traveling to Morrison to share a Noon Rotary Meeting as part of my District duties. I was a little early, so I pulled into the McDonalds for a coffee, but did not quite make it. I managed to run over the highway divider curb, hitting an old stub from a street sign in the pavement. That tore out my oil pan, broke a gadget the holds the engine to the frame, bent the frame itself and spilled all the oil and air conditioning fluids out of my Chevy Traverse. 

Thank goodness I was in Morrison. I called President Mick Welding who called Rotarian Mark Schuler at Kunes County Chevrolet. They had a tow truck there in minutes then gave me a ride to The Club Meeting. We all had a great time. Assistant Governor Mary Beth Eggers joined us that day. She was kind enough to give me a ride back to Rochelle where we met my wife, who was kind enough to take me home. (I need Brownie Points there!)  So, thank you my fellow Rotarians and State Farm Auto Insurance.

Polio Month

Polio Day is October 24th!  I am incredibly happy to see so many of our Clubs have polio events and fundraisers scheduled this year. We have Polio Walks, “Pints for Polio” and many more. Thank you for your great effort. Although the world is down to two countries with the Polio virus, we still have work to do. That includes letting your local communities know that Rotary is a major part of the historical effort. Please wave your Rotary Banners proudly I public. Write your newspaper editors. Be “Rotarians of Action” in your own hometowns

You could be the next District Governor in three years

Now is the time for experienced Rotarians to consider serving their fellow Rotarians in the office of District Governor. This December, we will be choosing the District Governor for 2024-25. If chosen, you will spend time with the District Governor Chain preparing for your year. You will have plenty of support and your valued input will begin immediately.

You must be nominated by your club. There is a form for that. But you may want to begin with a quiet and confidential chat with me, Bobbie Burke, or Kathy Kwiat-Hess.  For that matter, any of the former DG’s would welcome your call. Call me, Tom Brooks at 815-608-6531.