Posted by Kathy Kwiat-Hess on Sep 01, 2020

September is often thought of as a month of beginnings as summer vacations end and schools resume sessions - whatever format that takes this year.  For us as Rotarians, many new projects are underway in our various clubs.  This is also a great time to set up our individual plans for how to support The Rotary Foundation.  

The Rotary Foundation just released the figures for total giving to The Rotary Foundation last year.  The Annual Fund reached $123.6 millions dollars worldwide.  Our district contributed $151,000 to the Annual Fund.  This is because of your contributions .  Many do not know that 50% of what we contribute as a district each year to the Annual Fund comes back to us 3 years later.  That allows us to give money to clubs for district grants as well as provide funding to Global Grants.  That is exciting as we get to choose what kinds of projects we want our dollars to fund.  

Our district has not initiated a Global Grant in a few years, but I am happy to report that we are exploring some strong possibilities.  Stay tuned for further information in coming months.

I am excited to share that Nigeria has been certified Wild Polio Free, making Africa completely polio free.  This is a huge hurdle and leaves only Afghanistan and Pakistan with active cases totaling 102 at latest count.  We continue to push forward in this endeavor. When you contribute to the Foundation, you designate your money to go to one or more of the following funds:  

Annual Fund


Disaster Response Fund

Any of those work toward your recognition points and your level of giving.  Remember that it is very easy to set up your giving via Rotary Direct.  Many find that setting up a monthly charge on their credit cards allows for a smooth process.

Thank you for making The Rotary Foundation one of your charities of choice.  We are all in this together as we find opportunities to do good throughout our communities and the world.