Posted by Scott Shore on Sep 01, 2020
Putnam County Rotary invites you to get in on the grid -- and the fun -- and the winnings -- with  purchase of a $10 square in this year's ROAD APPLE BINGO GAME ! 
       The event will be held at Boggio's Orchard in Granville on Saturday Sept. 26 at 1:00 pm. 
       We will be drawing a 450-sqare grid on pasture ground, and walking a pony over and across it, until she decides whose square she'll pick as the $1,000 winner!  There will also be cash drawings during the event! 
       The annual fun-raiser is well-suited to social distancing -- as you'll want to be nearby, but not TOO near, to the action! Better still, you need not be present to win!  
      Please help us  support our community and grant projects -- reserve your square on the grid by emailing -- or catch us on facebook!