Posted by Scott Shore on Nov 03, 2020
As we now hope for a vaccine for COVID-19, we can imagine the helplessness, pain and loss felt by millions of families world-wide in the 1950’s before a vaccine was found to prevent a different pandemic called polio. And even 25 years after that discovery, the polio virus continued to kill or paralyze as many as 1,000 children daily -- commonly within days of exposure. As we Rotarians know, still today --  more than 60 years after Drs. Salk and Sabin’s discovery of two such vaccines, new infections are reported in some countries, and the world remains at risk of a resurgence.
Clubs with our Rotary District have been an important part of the global effort to eradicate the world of polio, raising funds and awareness of the disease. Members of Putnam County Rotary will add $1,000 this month in recognition of World Polio Day on October 24.