A Wreath If you are the clubrunner editor in your club you will want to add pictures to your story.  The easiest way to do that is to use one of the layout templates when you are writing the story. This allows you put a picture (or pictures) into the article and then type around it.

You will first have to save your photo as an image or photo in clubrunner. This might seem like a hassle, but this will allow your club to have a record of the photo or image for future uses and ensures that the photo link is not lost from your story.  
Select the template format you want to use and upload the picture into the photo area. If you have a lot of photos you might want to consider placing your photos into an album and then linking the album at the end of the article, so everyone can see the photos and you don't have to try to resize them for the article.  If you are going to have a photo in your article you might want to reconsider a thumb nail image, or at the very least use a image different then that photo used in the article.
If the photo in the article is too large, click on the photo and select image properties.  This will take you to another window.  You can resize the photo two ways:
1. To keep the same aspect ratio, make sure the little lock is "locked" and change either the height or width.
2. To change the aspect ratio, (make it wider or taller) make sure the little lock in "unlocked" and change both the height and width until you have the size you want.
And finally, when putting together an article for your clubrunner website, type the article into the actual clubrunner story format by clicking on the add a story.  This is important for several reasons.
1.) This gives the articles on the website a standard font creating an eye pleasing look and making it easy to read and move from article to article.
2.) The format is optimized to fit within all the types of communication:  home stories, story pages, bulletins and also social media.  Many social medias do not support bold or special font type.
3.) It makes is easier to edit.  Many stories need to use split (READ MORE) if they are too long. That is accomplished splitting the story into the next box.  
REMEMBER: Using the READ MORE requires that you think about how to entice people to go to the rest of the story.
4.) After you type the story you can save it as draft or publish it.  And at the top of the article you can add social media share bar, so that when clicking on the story title from the home page or story list on the website the article can be shared through facebook, twitter, email or of the other social medias that you have an account with.  When sharing this way you actually bring the audience back to the club or district website.
The best way to learn about clubrunner and how to get the most out of your club's investment is to click on the help tab in the blue bar.  There are any number of videos, guides or pages that you can use to learn about writing a story.