Posted by Kathy Kwiat-Hess on Mar 05, 2021

Hopefully we are all finding signs of spring and encouragement as we enter March.  It has been a trying winter for all between the harsh conditions and continued restrictions with COVID.  I am amazed at the dedication and resiliency of many of our clubs who have continued to do good work in their communities despite all this.

Most of our clubs are planning their grant projects for next year and are attending Grants Management Trainings in preparation for that.  In addition, we have been holding new trainings for club Foundation Chairs and Presidents on how to access and use pertinent reports on My Rotary to help in their roles.

The Rotary Foundation has had to make some changes in how they are funding grants moving forward in the next Rotary year.  The number of global grants around the world has increased 100% since 2013/14.  That is amazing!  Think about the number of projects that is happening around the world as Rotarians continue to do what they do best.  However,  the amount being contributed to the Annual Fund has only increased 6% in that same time period.  Thus, you can see why we need to be sure we continue to support The Rotary Foundation now more than ever.


I am challenging every member in our district to give something to The Rotary Foundation this year.  Ideally, we should each be giving a minimum of $100 per year to the Foundation.  That being said, we recognize that may not be possible for some members.  We encourage you to consider giving something.  Sign up for Rotary Direct to make your giving easier.

Congratulations to our top 3 Annual Giving clubs for this month:

Ottawa Sunrise has taken the lead with a per capita giving of $165.76.

Rockford East is now in second place at $163.04 per capita giving.

Dixon has taken over third place with a per capita giving of $120.38.

As a district we are at 74% of our Annual Fund goal with contributions totaling $91,025.  We have achieved 92% of our PolioPlus goal.  I am hoping we can surpass that goal.