Posted by Kathy Kwiat-Hess on Nov 03, 2020

November is designated The Rotary Foundation month.  Typically this is the month we have our annual District Rotary Foundation Dinner, a time when we focus on what we have accomplished through projects and contributions to the Foundation the previous year.  Unfortunately we are not able to have the event this year due to COVID.   Given that, we thought a great way for our members to celebrate this year would be to contribute the $35 they might have paid to attend the dinner to the Foundation.  Please consider doing that if you haven’t already.  Next year we hope to celebrate in a big way!

And while we are on the subject of meals you might have paid for during this time, most clubs are meeting virtually during this time and not needing to pay for meals.  Why not contribute the money you would normally pay for your meal at Rotary toward the Foundation?  What an easy way to make a contribution during this time.  You can contribute monthly or bi-annually or annually through Rotary Direct on My Rotary.  

I heard someone speaking recently about how to make your own personal footprint in Rotary bigger by focusing on your passion and interests.   The Rotary Foundation now has 7 areas of focus with the addition of environmental concerns.  Think about what you want your personal footprint to be and donate toward that through The Rotary Foundation.

Let’s make November one of our biggest contribution months ever!

I wish you all a peaceful and happy Thanksgiving.

PDG Kathy Kwiat-Hess

District Foundation Chair