Posted by Toni Lucas
I recently attended a U.S. State Department webinar concerning the rise of online sex trafficking. Since March, the number of calls to the tip line have doubled! Children are online more so are the predators. MONITOR your children’s online activities. If they have an app, you should have it too. Play with your children. Learn the game. Child sexual abuse is even seen in infants! Educate yourself. This is a real problem.
In line with our motto, “Education for Eradication,” the U.S. Department of Homeland Security Blue Campaign to combat human trafficking has a Facebook page that is a great informational resource. ( Please like/follow the page and have your friends do the same. 
Each meeting of the Rotary Club to End Human Trafficking features the work being done by its members. They now have a Club Runner website where you can follow their progress.
The Mississippi Runs Through US Provisional Cause-Based Rotary Club has scheduled a Mississippi River Clean-Up Day 2020 to take place on September 26. This is a consolidated effort to remove as much plastic waste from the Mississippi River as they can. You will have an opportunity to pilot an app to document our impact on our environment. Let them know if you are interested in participating. Details of locations available on their Facebook page.
District 6420 Task Force Against Human Trafficking, Toni Lucas, Chair