Posted by Gary Francque on Nov 03, 2020

The 2020 COVID-19 pandemic has presented challenges to Interact Clubs worldwide as school systems are forced to impose strict guidelines to protect students and staff.  

With strict guidelines in place within Moline School District #40, Moline Rotarians feared that school clubs would be unable to function. A combination of modified in-person and remote learning made it difficult for school club members to meet and conduct activities. But the students and faculty advisors at Moline High School found ways for its Interact Club to meet and to get going on some great projects.

Moline High School Interact Club has about 30 student members this year, the most since it’s chartering in 2014. MHS Interact Club is off and running with three projects: 

  1. School community:  MHS students and faculty have come to appreciate school custodial staff for providing a safe environment for them, so Interact Club created a touching “thank you” video expressing their appreciation. The video plays throughout the school on the school’s daily announcement tv system. 
  2. Local community: Students are collecting pop can tabs to raise funds for Ronald McDonald house in Iowa City.
  3. International project: Students are collecting plastic caps to help support "Banco de Tapitas" a program in Mexico that helps families with children fighting cancer by recycling plastic bottle caps. Check out the program with the following YouTube video.

MHS Interact Club plans to continue their mission even if they have to go to all remote learning. 

Moline Rotary Club is proud of the effort of MHS Interact Club members and have pledged to support them by joining in collecting pop tabs and plastic caps. Kudos to our high school students in District 6420!