Ambassadorial Scholar Dates

Applications due to Chair George Bass May 13, 2016

District Candidate Luncheon: June 16, 2016

District Candidate Interviews: June 18, 2016

What a great educational opportunity for a student who has completed a minimum of two years of college – to spend one year studying abroad! Ambassadorial Scholarships, which are worth about $25,000 each, are awarded annually one year before the actual term starts. All clubs are asked to seek out their top local students and encourage them to apply.

Purpose: Promote the Ambassadorial Scholarship program in all areas of the district both by written and direct contact with all the district clubs. Solicit support from all the clubs in obtaining the very best qualified young scholars to participate in the program. Administer the selection, orientation, and counseling of the outbound scholars. Endeavor to maintain contact with former Ambassadorial Scholars who still reside in the district so that their experience and knowledge can be utilized in the support of the program.

Goals: Select Ambassadorial Scholars to represent District 6420. Utilize all former Ambassadorial Scholars as speakers for club and district presentations. Develop a system for keeping records of all former Ambassadorial Scholars, not only to make use of their experience and knowledge but also to retain and expand their interest in Rotary. Encourage the participation of more of the clubs in the District in the Scholarship program.

District Ambassadorial Scholarship Chair: George Bass,

Vice Chair: Ed Anderson

Committee Members: Jim Swanson, Mike Leslie, Rich Mattas, Susan Schmitt, J. Burt, Anna Gray