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February may seem like a blah month when we are inclined to hibernate, but in District 6420 there is much work to be done!  Training season is upon us!  Just as a business would provide leadership guidance for new CEO's, we will begin the process of preparing our President-Elects and Club Officers to take office on July 1, 2020.  The dates of these training opportunities have been available since July 1 and are as follows:

Saturday, Feb 1, PETS Orientation (Presidents Elect) & Midyear Meeting (Presidents) at Kishwaukee College

March 6-8, Midwest PETS (President-Elect Training Seminar) in Itasca

Saturday, Feb 15, Grant Management Training at CGH in Sterling

Saturday, April 4, District Training Assembly at Kishwaukee College


Nominations Re-Open for DG Nominee

Dave McCully, who was in line to serve as District Governor in 2021-2022, has stepped down as District Governor Nominee.  We will miss Dave and would like to thank him for serving the District so passionately, as DGN and also as Membership Chair and Assistant Governor. 

Due to the Vacancy created, I am re-opening the nominating process to select our District DGN.  Clubs may submit proposed candidates by Monday, February 10, by email to the District Nominating Committee c/o Louise Clark at louise.clark@frontier.com.  Club Presidents and Secretaries will also receive email notification.  The Nominating Committee will interview any candidates who have not been previously interviewed, on Saturday February 15 at 9:00 am at CGH Medical Center in Sterling.  The process we are following, to be fair to all concerned is based upon our District Bylaws, with guidance from RI staff so that we can act quickly to fill this vacancy.

Click here to go to the home page and download the application.

If you have any questions, please send me an email.  Thank you.

Bobbie Burke, DG

Calling All RYLA Adult Volunteers!
Volunteers are needed for this years RYLA Weekend, May 1, 2, 3.  A few hours, an evening, all day or all three days.  It's alot of fun and a great experience for the youth.  
Please consider volunteering.  Click HERE for the application or find it on our home page.
District Announcements

It is with great joy and excitement that I announce the results of the work of the Nominating Committee!  Laura Kann from the Princeton Rotary Club has been elected as the District Governor Nominee Designate (DGND) and will serve as District Governor in 2022-2023Scott Shore has been elected as Council on Legislation representative and Steve Kuhn is the alternate representative.

Please be sure to congratulate all of them next time you see them.

District Grants Seminar Mark Your Calendar!
District Grants Available for 2020-2021
What are District Grants?  
District Grants are intended for small-scale, short-term activities that address humanitarian needs in your community.All Clubs in District 6420 are encouraged to apply for a District Grant.
How much money is available?
A maximum of $1500 will be available to each Club in District 6420 for the 2020-2021 Rotary year. Matching club funds are required.
Rotary Foundation News February 2020

This is the month of our 115th anniversary as an organization.  Consider for a moment all the fantastic projects that have been completed around the world because of Rotary, starting with the very first project of a public comfort station (public toilet) in downtown Chicago in 1907.  In Rotary year 2018/19, The Rotary Foundation raised $395 million dollars which surpassed the goal of $380 million.  Wouldn’t Paul Harris be proud to know how far this organization has grown and how much good has been accomplished!

There is more than one way to give to The Rotary Foundation.  The easiest by far is to sign up with Rotary Direct.  You can set up your payments  annually, monthly, bi-monthly, whatever works for you.  Besides our annual giving to the Foundation, there are also ways to set up giving beyond your lifetime by putting The Rotary Foundation in your will or setting up a life insurance policy with The Rotary Foundation as the beneficiary.  Please contact me if you want more information about this.

District 6420 End Polio Update

This update will reflect the status of the Global Polio Eradication Initiative (GPEI) as of January 22, 2020. 

While there is good news out of Nigeria, with no new cases of wild polio virus (WPV), Pakistan and Afghanistan remain problematic.  It is very possible that Nigeria will be declared polio free this year (barring no new cases), and that means the entire continent of Africa will be declared polio free for the first time!  That is very exciting.  There continues to be sporadic cases of vaccine-derived polio cases (cVDPV), which is expected as long as the oral polio vaccine continues to be the primary vaccination mechanism.  Eventually the plan is to convert to injectable vaccine, which is more effective, but also more expensive and requires more intense training of vaccinators.  



WPV cases

cVDPV cases

















Fight Against Human Trafficking
I received the following information from Dressember that tells of a new tool in the fight against human trafficking. Use as seems reasonable.
In 2019, we kept quiet as we worked on a program to fill a gap in the transportation industry. The use of ride-sharing apps is becoming increasingly popular, making it easier for traffickers to transport victims working in a forced labor situation or traveling to meet a sex buyer. 

We highlight the significance of awareness at Dressember because of the power it holds to contribute to the end of human trafficking. Drivers have to be able to identify trafficking and subsequently be equipped with resources should they suspect their passenger is a victim of human trafficking.

We are thrilled to finally share with you that this program has officially launched through a partnership between Dressember, Businesses Ending Slavery and Trafficking (BEST) and Lyft to initially provide in-person human trafficking prevention education sessions. 

Kathy Schmidt
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