Posted by David Dosier on May 02, 2022
Welcome back, Rotary baseball fans.  We may be late in this inaugural World Series of Giving season, but have some of our clubs ever brought out their strongest hitters!  We now have two clubs with over FIVE Home Runs scored and one more knocking on the door for number FOUR.  Who would have guessed last summer at the beginning of the season that we would see this kind of generosity for the good deeds of the Rotary Foundation.  And. . .we still have one more inning to go!
The standings by division follow.
Northeast Division – What more can be said about the Pecatonica club with over 7 Home Runs at the end of this eighth inning, except. . .are they going to break 8?  Loves Park and Sycamore follow with 2 Home Runs plus a Triple and a Double, respectively; they have a ways to go with just one more inning to close the gap.  But as we’ve seen over and over again this season, don’t count any club out until the final inning is in the books!
Mid-Central Division – In the MC division, we have a new leader with Byron at 2 Home Runs and Single, closely followed by Dixon with 2 Homers of their own.   Rochelle remains in the thick of it with a Home plus a Triple.  And hot on their heels is Oregon with a Homer plus a Double.  The lead keeps changing every inning in this division; who knows which team will bring out that big bat to push that club to victory in inning #9.  Stay tuned, this division is far too close to call!
South-Central Division – In the SC Division, Ottawa Sunrise is still in the lead after 8 innings with 2 Home Runs.  But watch out, Illinois Valley is right on their heels with 2 Homers of their own; the difference between the clubs is only $17 per capita in giving.  Don’t count out Putnam County or LaSalle with a Homer plus a Single each; they’re well within striking distance.  And not that much farther back with a Homer is the Plano club.  We have one to go; this division is still wide open!
West-Central Division – The River Cities club is making it tough on the others in the WC Division, extending their lead now with 3 Homers plus a Single.   Princeton follows with 2 Homers and a Single, and Geneseo is right behind with a Home Run plus a Triple.  Will another of the West-Central teams bring out the big bats in the final inning; stay tuned, it’s still anyone’s title to win!
Western Division – As has happened so often this baseball season, a team has come out of nowhere in a division to take the lead, and in the Western Division in inning #8, it’s the Moline club now with 5 Home Runs.  Rock Island is within inches of 2 Homers, and the Quad Cities and Freeport clubs within inches of a Homer plus a Triple.  And yet with this kind of action in these late innings, no one can say with any certainty that this division championship is anywhere close to being settled, so keep watching and cheer on your favorite in inning #9!
This championship series has been exciting to watch during Spring Training and the eight innings played so far.  Again, who would have guessed that we would see this level of friendly competition among neighboring clubs in District 6420.  And the best part; it’s far from over yet!  Who knows what big guns lie in waiting for inning #9, stay tuned!