Curious on how to increase membership? Read more for two strategic actions your club can take to increase membership and make the impact your striving for. 
Membership: An Important Priority for Rotary

All our clubs, and nearly all our members, recognize the need to grow our Rotary membership. District 6420 has been losing members yearly over the last eleven years. The losses were enhanced by the difficult pandemic years. Our significant lose of members has a negative effect on dues, foundation donations, and the amount and quality of service we can provide to our communities and the world.
We must recognize that continued declining membership is a problem. Our District’s 5-Year Strategic Plan calls for a net increase of five members among our 43 clubs by June 30, 2023. That may sound like we are aiming low, but there has only been a net increase in members one year since 2011.
Simply said, we need to change the downward trend. So, where do we start?
We start by doing a better job of retaining our current members, and trying to get back any recent members, especially those lost to reasons caused by the pandemic. To do this we need to know and understand our own club.
1.  Complete an RI’s “Club Health Check.” It’s a valuable check list of club best practices. It identifies your club's strengths and opportunities. For areas that need improvement RI provides suggested remedies.
Why is this process important? It is important to remember that members don’t leave Rotary; members leave Rotary clubs.
2.  Communicate with recent members that are still in your community, especially those lost due to the pandemic. Did the club ask why they left? Has the club
invited them back?
To retain current members and possibly gain back recent members your club needs to know its strengths and weaknesses, and then engage the membership to find ways to improve.
Engage members with kindness and caring. Be a good listener. Most importantly, show your enthusiasm for the future of your club and District 6420.
David Bills, Rotary District 6420 Membership Committee Chair