Posted by Kerrylyn Rodriguez on Oct 30, 2019
What is STEP? (Short Term Exchange Program) – Youth Exchange
STEP allows students to experience another culture, country, and language. It offers a fun learning opportunity while building lifelong friendships and helps students grow with increased awareness, knowledge, and confidence.
Rotary International has sponsored youth exchange programs for more than 50 years with the goal of building international goodwill and understanding. Through the Short Term Exchange Program (STEP), two students spend about eight weeks together experiencing each other’s family, country, and culture; four weeks with your host family abroad and four weeks in your home.
Exchanges generally occur from late June through late August. Some southern hemisphere countries have split-season exchanges with American students traveling in July/August and your foreign guest visiting in December/January. We attempt to match students and families with similar ages, common interests and gender. You will receive information about your host sister/brother by late April and can begin to correspond at that time.
Students should first contact your local Rotary Club to begin the application and interview process. Each club belongs to a Rotary District. Opportunities may exist to host an inbound exchange without sending a student abroad. These are called one-way exchanges. Please contact your local Rotary Club if interested. Deadline is 12/31/2019.
To Apply for a STEP Exchange
1. Read the information in this document
2. Complete the STEP Application
3. Complete the STEP Country Preference form
4. Read and Sign the Rules form
5. Complete the Host Family Application
6. Return the forms to your sponsoring Rotary Club
7. Once matched, make travel arrangements
8. Purchase required insurance
9. Have an experience that will change your life!
For more information see the Short Term Youth Exchange information on the homepage of our website.