(Train the trainer session)
Did you know? December is Disease Prevention Month.
Our District is the lead international partner for a 2-year $199,500 Global Grant to eradicate a disease-causing type of mosquito from an island in Puerto Rico called Culebra.
Our partner in Puerto Rico is the San Juan Rotary Club and the implanting agency is the Vector Control Unit of Puerto Rico. We are about 18 months through the project period and much has been accomplished.
The Vector Control Unit began by mapping every structure on the island of Culebra. With the support of San Juan Rotary Club members and District 6420 a mosquito-breeding fountain in the center of town was replaced with a community garden. Mosquito traps were placed throughout the island in places where mosquitos were most likely to breed.
During the second year of the project more emphasis is being placed on the community education – helping the people of Culebra understand the importance of removing reservoirs of standing water from their homes and businesses. 
Most recently, the Rotary Foundation sent an expert Rotarian to review the entire project. This is a normal form of oversight conducted by the Rotary Foundation for projects of this size. The expert Rotarian spent three days in Puerto Rico and Culebra carefully reviewing every aspect of the project. She met with the San Juan Rotary Club and with the Vector Control Unit.
Her report to the Rotary Foundation was very supportive of the project.
In summary she stated “As a researcher and Rotarian I value this project carried out by a group of researchers with extensive experience in the field of vector control. My heart is grateful to have been able to participate from an evaluative angle in a project of such wide social impact that should be known by the entire Rotary world.”
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