Membership drive event on the calendar?
Many of our clubs are preparing for membership drives this spring. That’s exciting.
RI research shows that clubs that have a new member orientation program have higher member retention rates.
When new people join your club you have the opportunity to connect with them and inspire them to be active members.
A new member orientation program is a plan for engaging new members and acclimating them to your club.
Successful programs offer a meaningful learning experience, personal connections, inspiration, and fun. New members know little information about Rotary at the time they join. The orientation builds on their understanding and answers all their questions. This is the opportunity to explain Rotary as an international organization. Include Rotary’s passion for service, mission and values, effort to eradicate polio, and Rotary’s history.
Explain the benefits of membership. Some examples include making a difference in the lives of others, developing skills that can be applied to a career, networking with other professionals, and making international connections.

Finally, share your Rotary club by including information on club meetings and the club’s culture. Also, include what the club does best and what the club is known for, club history,
club projects and activities, and club social events.
Be sure to include financial requirements and participation expectations. 
After a new member orientation program, successful clubs continue assisting new members by providing a new member mentor. The mentor provides a consistent contact and positive guidance for the new member, usually lasting for the first six months of club membership. The new member’s mentor should be someone who has something in common with the new member, has a welcoming personality, and has time to devote to helping a new member.
Want to know more? Contact the District 6420 Membership Committee Chair, PDG David Bills, by email
at or by cell at 309-912-0789. The District Membership Committee is ready to help.