When your club makes public image a priority, be prepared to see engagement rise. Showcasing how your projects make an impact in the community and touch people's lives gives the public an understanding of what Rotary does. Even better, it inspires people to get involved, says Julie Johnson, District 9510 Rotary Public Image Chair.
“The more the public sees our brand out there in the community, in the media, and on social media, the more opportunities we have for the public to connect with us,” says Johnson. “The rest – fellowship, professional development, connections – will grow from there.”

Having a Public Image Chair is a great way to prioritize your club’s image. They can coordinate club messages and provide a consistent Rotary voice in communications. And the Brand Center is where they can find tools such as templates, images, and videos to create compelling ads, flyers, social media posts, and press releases. Learn more about making public image a priority in this Rotary Voices blog post.