Posted by Carter Newton on Jun 04, 2019

Do you have what it takes to make a difference?

The District 6420 Vocational Training Team Committee is looking for a few good Rotarians who can lend their time, experiences and skill sets in the development and implementation of a family- and health-related project in Combarbalá, Chile.

What is the project? The purpose of this project is to help professionals in Combarbalá develop stronger skill sets in the development and implementation of programs surrounding the health and development of young people in the community. Combarbalá educational and health professionals are experiencing challenges with young people in the community as it relates to sexually transmitted diseases, including AIDS; alcohol and drug abuses; and healthy relationships. A point of fact: Chile is the only Latin American Country where the rate of AIDS infection is increasing. In addition, professionals in Combarbalá are having difficulty getting the attention from students and parents.

A goal is to create two teams. One team will be comprised of professionals from Combarbalá who will spend two weeks in District 6420 where team members will further develop their skill sets. The other team will be comprised of professionals from District 6420 and spend two weeks in Combarbalá working with professionals and community members. The other goal is to purchase, with input from team members and local Rotarians in Combarbalá, educational materials.

What is needed from committee members? We are looking for committee members who have skill sets in in these areas: counseling, psychology, public health, transmission of sexual diseases, alcohol and drug abuse and healthy relationships. 

District 6420 committee members–we will be known as the international partners–will work in tandem with a “local” committee assembled by the Rotary Club of Combarbalá to create the program. Based on the needs established by the Local Committee, the District 6420 Committee will create a program of training for the Combarbalá team when it travels to the United States as well as providing suitable housing and meals.

The District 6420 Committee will also interview for, select and train a team that will travel to Combarbalá for two weeks.

Who do I contact if I have questions or want to volunteer? Call or email, P. Carter Newton at 815-238-0318 or

How will this project be funded? This project will be funded through a Global Grant of $30,000 through the Rotary International Foundation. 

What is the relationship between the Rotary Club of Combarbalá and District 6420? The Rotary Club of Galena and the Rotary Club of Combarbalá have had a relationship since 2004 when Rotary International created a Twin Club Program during Rotary’s centennial year. The Galena club raised funds for the construction of public restrooms in Combarbalá’s central plaza. Since then, the two clubs have maintained a close relationship focusing mostly on educational endeavors as well as one project to help the volunteer firefighters there.