On January 22, 2022, the Corporate Board of District 6420 recommended a Disaster Relief Fund be established in the amount of $50,000. The recommendation was approved by District 6420 Rotary Clubs at the District Training Assembly on March 19, 2022. The purpose of the District 6420 Disaster Relief Fund is to provide grants to Rotary Clubs in District 6420 to support relief and recovery efforts in their local communities that have been impacted by natural disasters during the past six months. District 6420 Disaster Relief Fund Grants are awarded to Rotary Clubs in District 6420. Grants funds are used to provide basic relief and recovery items (such as water, food, medical supplies, household supplies, and clothing) or services (such as debris removal, temporary shelter, health care, mold remediation, and cleaning). Rotary Clubs may work with other organizations to complete grant activities. The maximum amount of a Disaster Relief Fund Grant is $10,000 per club per Rotary year.
In addition, District 6420 Disaster Relief Fund Grants must:
-Include the active participation of Rotarians.
-Address a local humanitarian or public safety need in the community.
-Be promoted via the local media and social media as appropriate.
District 6420 Disaster Relief Fund Grants may not:
-provide items or services already covered by an insurance policy or other established source of funding.
-involve purchase of land or buildings. -include fundraising activities for the Rotary Club or another organization.
-cover operating, administrative, or indirect program expenses of another organization.
-include unrestricted cash donations to another organization.
Unspent or surplus funds from the District 6420 annual budget will be used to maintain a balance of $50,000. In addition, donations specifically for the District 6420 Disaster Relief Fund will be accepted. Fundraising activities may also be considered as needed. The District Corporate Board may determine that insufficient funds are available during a Rotary year to make Disaster Relief Fund Grants available.