Congratulations! The District 6420 Polio Plus Society is officially launched! Are you a member?
Did you know we've contributed $686,883 to Polio Plus as a district?  How much would that be if you add the 2:1 match from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation?
Read the story to find out...
Thank you all for helping successfully launch our District 6420 Polio Plus Society (PPS) this spring.
Membership is growing and our district currently has 51! Our district contributions to Polio Plus over the last decade are not inconsequential. My
recent review of the last 10 years shows District 6420 has contributed a total of $686,883 to Polio Plus.
Now – add the 2:1 match from Bill and Melinda Gates and we have enabled a total amount of $2,060,649 !!!!!!!!
Where are we with the eradication of polio? WHO Polio Eradication Director Dr. Hamid Jafari's overview at the the Houston international meeting that over the past five years Polio incidents are clustered in a remote (dangerous) but defined region in Pakistan.

A cease-fire has been reached in that region allowing vaccination teams to move back into that area and reach those children who remain unvaccinated.  
Where does the Polio Plus Society come in? The Polio Plus Society is an on-going program where its members pledge $100/year to the Polio Plus Fund and Yes – you will receive a pin!.
Become a member - The form is still present on the district website. Click here to visit the Polio Plus Society page on the district's website.

Worldwide vaccination programs remain imperative as the recent discovery of live polio virus in the sewers of London should remind all of us that disease is only a short flight
The “plus” in Polio Plus includes the ongoing surveillance tools essential to keep this scourge at bay.
For more details contact Paul Stromborg, District 6429 EPNC