District Treasurer Anita Papich - Anitapapich@yahoo.com

The responsibility of the Treasurer is to keep proper accounting records of income and expenditures of the district including cash receipts, cash disbursements, reconciling bank accounts, monitoring deposits and bills for payment, and prepare any analysis to compare actual amounts with budgeted amounts. The treasurer is a member of the Finance Committee.

Anita joined Loves Park Rotary in 1992 serving as its first woman president in 1997. She served as District 6420 Interact Chair from 2000-2002 and as an Assistant Governor from 2001-2004. In 2005-2006 Anita led District 6420 as its District Governor. Since then Anita served passionately as the District Foundation Chair completing her term in June, 2010. As a charter member of the district’s Paul Harris Society, she has made her son Jeff, daughter Jennifer, grandson Nikos and her mother Josephine Paul Harris Fellows. She is also a member of the Paul Harris 711 Club. For the past three Zone Institutes, she has been the Vendor Chair as well as the House of Friendship Chair. In 2009-10, Anita served as co-facilitator for the DRFC Training at Zone Institute in Minneapolis, Minnesota. In 2010, she served as the main facilitator for the DRFC Training in Rochester, New York at Zone Institute. In late October of 2010 Anita assumed the duties of District 6420 Treasurer.